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In September of 1991 several members of Church of the King plus Pastor Don and Linda joined with a group of people from Minnesota who were involved with World Harvest and were on their way to minister the Gospel in Honduras.

Most of us had never been in a third world country so we were about to be shocked.  We were met at the airport by a number of young children with one thing in mind, "relieving the Americans of some money."  We were loaded onto buses and taken to the hotel.

The next morning another bus trip, this time up into the mountains where our ministry was to begin.  We were taught this phrase, "come to the tent and hear the Gospel."  When the people heard this they assumed we could speak their language.  That was hard to explain.

We got busy setting up the tent we had brought. It could hold over one thousand people.  Next came all the PA system equipment plus the music equipment.  Now all was ready.

A big wind and rain storm came up and down came the tent.  So we took the sound system and headed for the school.  When everything was set up we went on with the meeting.

The next day we set the tent up again and moved everything back.  The local radio station had been forecasting our arrival for weeks.  People came from miles around arriving any way they could find, many on foot.

Pastor Don welcomed everyone and the meeting began.  Everyone was very attentive.  Of course he had an interpreter.  And at the conclusion of the message he gave an "altar call" for whoever needed prayer.  An old man came forward and told the interpreter he had walked for days to get there.  But the Lord had told him that when the man of God laid his hands on him, he would "receive his healing".   He was so crippled he could hardly walk.

The next night he returned a "changed man".  He was walking upright without any assistance.  And he had come to give "God all the Glory."  What an awesome testimony to what God can do.

There were many other testimonies of how God moved in Honduras but this one I will always remember!