Philippine Missions - Church of the King


Church of the King  financially supports four Filipino pastors through Sowers of the Living Word Ministries.  Sowers of the Living Word Ministries  (SLWM) was founded and incorporated in 1993 by Homer & Barbara Hall from Knoxville, Iowa. Over the last 13 years they have built many churches, and raised up Filipino Pastors and Pastoras to fill those positions. Presently there are 20 church congregations.  SLWM has built 16 church buildings, the 4 remaining congregations meet in schools and houses.  Church of the King sponsored the building of one church in Malabita and has supported 5 pastors and their wives for over 20 years.  out of our tithe fund.   Also this last year our congregation has helped Homer and Barb purchase a motorcycle and a refrigerator to help support the ministry.

Homer & Barb visited Church of the King in May 2007.  Here is an update of what is going on in their ministry    Video

List of pastors that SLWM oversees.

List of Church that SLWM oversees.

"We feel well blessed for the support financially that came so we keep continually building so we could train the people that will be in the ministry. Many of the outreach churches will send young people here, especially when they graduate from high school, who have choose to go out into the ministry. They will trained to go out into the ministry and continue this round robin deal. We build churches in the mountains and many of those mountain churches send students to the bible training. Either they return to their own locality or somewhere else where God leads them and pioneer a new church. We build more church and they send more students back to be pastors with a little training and so it goes."  --Homer Hall